November 2019

Whatever Happened to the Doctrines of Regeneration and Sanctification?

In last month’s newsletter, I included much of a sermon by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones on prayer.  The sermon was based on the text in Isaiah 64:1 in which the prophet cries out to the LORD, “O that you would rend the heavens and come down.”   According to Lloyd-Jones, this was really a prayer that God would show Himself, in a sense, by working powerfully among His people.  And, as Lloyd-Jones applied it, this is the great need of the church today.  Thus, it is something for which all of the church must pray.

And yet it does NOT appear that this is the primary concern of the majority of churches in our day.  Times of corporate prayer do not appear to be on the rise but on the decline.  It is easy enough to get Christians to a dinner, festival, concert, or sports outing.  But it is not so easy to get Christians to pray regularly - or to pray together.

Why?  I think that the answer is simple.  We have lost our belief in the absolute necessity of the supernatural, powerful working of God among us.  Specifically, we no longer believe in the doctrines of Regeneration and Sanctification.  Or, it does not appear so.

The biblical doctrine of Regeneration teaches that for a man or woman to repent of sin and come to Christ for salvation, God must work an inner change in them.  This is what was prophesied by Ezekiel when he declared God’s word that “He would change the heart of stone into a heart of flesh” - that is, that He would transform the stubborn heart so that it would bow to the LORD and be saved (Ezekiel 36:25-27).  And this is what Jesus was speaking of when He told Nicodemus that “unless he was born again, he could not enter the kingdom of God” (John 3:3-7).  Supernatural change is necessary for salvation.

Similarly, the biblical doctrine of Sanctification teaches us that when God saves someone, He makes them a “new creation” so that “the old [life of sin] passes away” and “all things become new” (2 Corinthians 5;17).

Yet Christians have become so affected by secular culture - and so inundated with self-reliance and pragmatic methodology in our approach to ministry in the church - that we have at best, effectively pushed these doctrines to the background, or at worst, we no longer believe them.

And what is the result?  For one, there are people in many churches and denominations (including our own, the PCA) who argue that a person can be a Christian and still be gay.  Why?  Because God either cannot, or does not care to change the heart, the will, and desires.  We used to believe that He did, but no longer.

Further, because of our move away from these doctrines, we do not preach God’s Word faithfully, and we do not preach the  true Gospel .  Because we do not believe that God can and must change the heart in order for a person who hears the truth to be saved, we rely on what we can do to get someone to “be saved.”  This is why, for example, many now try to make the Bible compatible with the theory of evolution.  They think that intellectual types, or the younger generation will not listen to the church if it holds to positions that are despised and ridiculed by the secular scientific community.  Others try to tweak or edit out of the Bible the “offensive” or unbelievable parts.  Why?  Because they might cause someone to reject the Good News of Jesus Christ as simply a fable.

But if we understand that God can and must regenerate and sanctify lives (both of which involve miraculous internal and external change), we will understand that what the world needs is not more culturally sensitive or more intellectually acceptable presentations of God’s Word or the Gospel.  And we will know that there can be no acceptance of sin - either internally or externally - as just part of who we are.

We will preach not a new modern message, but the same one “once delivered to all the saints.”  And we will devote ourselves to prayer.

Pastor Dave




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