Dayspring Family,

When I first began this newsletter series on Faith back in February, I was not, of course, aware of all the things that would transpire in the coming days with regard to the current corona virus pandemic.  I knew of the outbreak in China but knew nothing of the impact on the United States that it would have.  But though I did not specifically intend to address having great faith in a crisis such as this, it certainly is needed.

There are daily updates from President Trump and his team, as well as press conferences conducted by governors and mayors.  All kinds of projections and warnings are given by these leaders.  They warn of medical shortages and financial recession.  They project unemployment that will surpass anything we know, and they project the number of deaths that are likely to result from the virus in America.  And much of what has been projected is already taking place.

Now this kind of crisis naturally results in anxiety.  There is worry about family and friends.   There is fear that businesses or savings will be lost.   And there is a dread of looming death hanging over the world.  For some, there is panic.

But for the Christian, all such anxiety is unnecessary, for we know that everything is in the hands of the LORD of the universe, whom we can trust.    And the text we have been studying is about just that - learning to trust in the LORD. 

Over the past two months, we have looked at what characterizes “great faith” as exhibited in a Roman centurion in Luke 10:1-7.  We noted two characteristics of great faith.   This month, we look at another.

You will remember that this centurion had a servant who was greatly ill, presumably near death.  The centurion realized that he was powerless to do anything to help his servant, so he sent for Jesus.   When Jesus was almost to the centurion’s home, the centurion sent messengers to Him, “saying to him, “Lord, do not trouble yourself, for I am not worthy to have you come under my roof. Therefore I did not presume to come to you. But say the word, and let my servant be healed. For I too am a man set under authority, with soldiers under me: and I say to one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes; and to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.”

Now do you understand why the man here says what he does?  Why does he go through this whole authority thing?  I tell people this and that and they do it.  What has that got to do with Jesus healing his servant?

It is quite simple. The man is saying to Jesus.  “I understand authority.  I speak... and because I have authority over others, what I say is done”.  And that is the same kind of authority he understands Jesus to have - only to a much greater degree.  Essentially, he is saying, “I understand that you have authority over everything - including disease - and so if you just speak, it will be done”.  So the man understands that Jesus has authority over all.  That Jesus is LORD over everything.  And what he says must be done!

And that is the third characteristic of “great faith.”  The one who comes to the LORD in great faith recognizes the Authority of Jesus over everything.

Now the faith this man has is remarkably discerning.  For the only ONE capable of speaking anything into existence - as this man would know - is the ONE who spoke everything into existence at the beginning.  So, this man clearly is recognizing that Jesus is God Himself - for no one else could have such authority.

Remember the Creation account in Genesis 1God said, “Let there be light” and that is exactly what appeared.  God said, “Let there be sun and moon and stars and oceans and dry land and animals and man”, and ALL of these things came into existence OUT OF NOTHING just by the word of God!

Thus we see that the one with great faith understands that Jesus has this authority.  That if He but speaks - what He says (just as at creation) will be done!

Now the obvious question is this: Do we as a church - or as individual Christians - truly believe that our LORD has all authority over everything today?  Do we believe, as the hymn-writer said, that “the waves and winds still know the voice of Him who ruled them while He dwelt below” so that we implicitly trust Him and go to Him in all times, including troubled times?  Or do we put our trust our jobs, our bank accounts, or Social Security, or our hard work and perseverance, or doctors and medical advancements - which though good things, are unreliable?           

This is NOT to say that the LORD will grant everything for which we pray.  God always has the best plan in view, even when we do not. Yet Great Faith understands the power of Jesus Christ, and rests upon it.   It may be a faith that results in healing (as in this story), or it may be a faith that understands that even when God wills that we die, He will one day speak the word and we will be raised to new life.  Let us then live as those who believe that our LORD has authority over all things - that when He speaks the word, it will be done.  And may we live lives that reflect that faith in the midst of an uncertain world!

Pastor Dave




  • Missions Moment

    April 2020

    As you sit in your home way more than you usually do, carefully considering all trips and activities outside your door, and missing friends, church, hugs, and other “normal” parts of life because of the fear of the Corona virus, please pray for the missionaries.

    Some of them are experiencing the same restrictions and frustrations that you are, but wondering how to minister to the people around them under these stringent conditions.  For some, the computer makes it possible to continue what they normally do.  For others, their activities center on contact with people.  Rodney and Jana will have no short-term trips this summer to help them with their work.  Margaret came to Costa Rica – and most of her work disappeared.  Craig’s work continues as he is able to do a good bit of his work from home.

    Other missionaries are trying to get out of their country, pushed by governmental or social directives.  When people are frightened of an unknown, the “outsider” becomes a target.   We praise God that Donna was able to make it home before border restrictions made it impossible.  Pray for Jeff and Jamie as they are still working on this.

    Pray that the missionaries still in-country will be creative as we also need to be to continue to minister to their church and the people around them.  What are you doing to minister to those you know?

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    If you are unable to go out because of the virus, feel free to contact an elder to get someone to help you with your needs.





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  • Message from Pastor David Martin

    March 21, 2020

    Dear Dayspring Church Family,

    Thursday evening your elders met (and then earlier yesterday discussed by phone) actions that the church should take in light of the current virus situation.  We have been closely following press conferences and updates in which the president and our governor have communicated guidelines as to how both citizens and organizations should responsibly deal with the current crisis in order to make informed decisions with regard to our church.

    As of his latest press conference our governor explicitly stated that he was not going to ban small churches or other groups from meeting.  He stated that this decision was made in consultation with those who administrate public health in Georgia, who did not recommend that he mandate more restrictive measures at this time.  The governor did encourage churches to consider live streaming of services.       

    Understanding this, we have also prayed for God’s wisdom so that we might make decisions that are first honoring to Him, and second, that will be good for His people, of which we are a part.

    We have decided to take the following actions:

    First, we are working to provide live streaming for our Sunday morning service.  I hope in the next 24 hours to provide our members and attenders with a link which will allow connection to the service.   However, our morning service, which will be broadcast from the church, will be made open to those are comfortable with coming, provided they have no symptoms of any sickness, and are not among those considered the most vulnerable in our community.  Those who are elderly or who have  weak immune systems, as well as those who are care-givers for these individuals are encouraged to watch the service online.  For those who do come, there will be hand sanitizer at the doors, and regular physical contact greetings will be suspended.  As well, since our sanctuary provides for it, those coming should sit appropriately apart within it.

    Second, we will suspend Sunday School, Sunday evening Bible study, and the Wednesday evening fellowship meal until further notice.  This will allow our building to remain sanitary between meetings, as per state and national guidelines.

    No one should feel pressure to be physically at the morning service.  The elders will respect the decisions that families or individuals make with regard to the service.  Please know that we trust your judgement.

    We do, however, want to encourage you to make known any needs you have to myself or the rest of the session.  If you need food picked up from the grocery store, or need help with regard to anything else, do not hesitate to call.  We, and others in the church, would love to serve you in every way we can.

    Please be in prayer for your elders.  We desperately need it.  We will be praying for you as well.

    Should there be further developments that require changes to the current plan, we will inform you as soon as possible.

    Love in Christ,

    Pastor Dave



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