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Brothers and Sisters in Christ at Dayspring,

For the past two Sundays, and especially this last weekend, we have focused on the importance and necessity of evangelism and missions, both locally and around the world.  We have heard from missionaries, and we have enjoyed fellowship with them.  But let us not allow this to become just a one-week-a- year focus.  How wonderful it would be if we would be committed to local and global missions the year round!

William Cary, the great missionary pioneer,  was cited several times during our missions emphasis week.  Allow me to quote from a book which he wrote almost 250 years ago - which is just as needful a reminder for the church today as it was back then.

“Our Lord Jesus Christ, a little before his departure, commissioned his apostles to go, and teach all nations; or, as another evangelist expresses it, “Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” This commission was as extensive as possible, and laid them under obligation to disperse themselves into every country of the habitable globe, and preach to all the inhabitants, without exception or limitation. They accordingly went forth in obedience to the command, and the power of God evidently wrought with them. Many attempts of the same kind have been made since their day, and which have been attended with various success; but the work has not been taken up, or prosecuted of late years (except by a few individuals) with that zeal and perseverance with which the primitive Christians went about it. . It seems as if many thought the commission was sufficiently put in execution by what the apostles and others have done; that we have enough to do to attend to the salvation of our own countrymen; and that, if God intends the salvation of the heathen, he will some way or other bring them to the gospel, or the gospel to them. . It is thus that multitudes sit at ease, and give themselves no concern about the far greater part of their fellow-sinners, who to this day, are lost in ignorance and idolatry... 

It has been objected that there are multitudes in our own nation, and within our immediate spheres of action, who are as ignorant as the South-Sea savages, and that therefore we have work enough at home, without going into other countries. 

That there are thousands in our own land as far from God as possible, I readily grant, and that this ought to excite us to ten-fold diligence in our work, And in attempts to spread divine knowledge amongst them is a certain fact; but that it ought to supersede all attempts to spread the gospel in foreign parts seems to want proof. Our own countrymen have the means of grace, and may attend on the word preached if they choose it. They have the means of knowing the truth, and faithful ministers are placed in almost every part of the land, whose spheres of action might be much extended if their congregations were but more hearty and active in the cause: but with them the case is widely different, who have no Bible, no written language, (which many of them have not), no ministers, no good civil government, nor any of those advantages which we have. Pity therefore, humanity, and much more Christianity, call loudly for every possible exertion to introduce the gospel among them...

We are exhorted to lay up treasure in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, nor thieves break through and steal. It is also declared that whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. These scriptures teach us that the enjoyments of the life to come, bear a near relation to that which now is; a relation similar to that of the harvest, and the seed. It is true all the reward is of mere grace, but it is nevertheless encouraging; what a treasure, what an harvest must await such characters as PAUL, and ELLIOT, and BRAINERD, and others, who have given themselves wholly to the work of the Lord. What a heaven will it be to see the many myriads of poor heathen, of Britons among the rest, who by their labors have been brought to the knowledge of God. Surely a crown of rejoicing like this is worth aspiring to. Surely it is worth while to lay ourselves out with all our might, in promoting the cause, and kingdom of Christ.” *

    So let us make missions our goal, both this month, and  all of 2017!

    Pastor Dave

    (*From William Cary, An Enquiry into the Obligation of  Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the  Heathen, 1788, edited by Dan Graves, Christian History Institute.)



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Praise God for such a wonderful and encouraging Missions Conference!  May we continue to follow Him and what He directs us to do.  Please be in prayer for your Faith Promise Pledge toward our goal of $18,000.  Put your pledge card in the offering plate by Sunday, April 9th in support of our friends on the mission field.  Thank you!

 WIC - will meet Monday, April 10 at the home of Anita Dumas. Movene Futch will provide refreshments. Join us for an uplifting fellowship as we discuss Chapter 7.

















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