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Dayspring  Family, 

We have been for the last several months looking at the sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7.  In this sermon, Jesus says much about prayer, as we have seen.  However, there is no more important thing to know about prayer than that it first is the way that we honor God.  This is seen in the very first petition of what is commonly called, “The Lord’s Prayer”, in Matthew 6.  In keeping with this, I would like to quote Martyn Lloyd-Jones, former pastor of Westminster Chapel, London, for our instruction and encouragement.

“We should all have a consuming passion that the whole world might come to know God as the ever present One who will never forsake us.  The Psalmist in Psalm 34 invites everybody to join in magnifying the LORD.  What a strange idea!  At first sight that appears to be quite ridiculous.  God is the Eternal, the self-existent One, absolute and perfect in all His qualities.  How can feeble man ever magnify such a being?  How can we ever make God great or greater (which is what we mean by magnify)?   And yet, of course, if we realize the way in which the Psalmist uses it, we shall see exactly what he means.  He does not mean that we can actually add to the greatness of God, for that is impossible; but he does mean that he is concerned that this greatness of God may appear to be greater among men.  Thus it comes to pass that among ourselves in this world we can magnify the name of God.  We can do so by our words, and by our lives, being reflectors of the greatness and glory of God and of His glorious attributes.      

That is the meaning of the petition in the LORD’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9, ‘Hallowed be Your name’.  It means a burning desire that the whole world may bow before God in adoration, in reverence, in praise, in worship, in honor and thanksgiving.  Is that our supreme desire?  

Is that the thing that is always uppermost in our minds whenever we pray to God?  When you come to God, says our Lord in effect, even though you may be in desperate conditions and circumstances, it may be with some great concern on your mind and in your heart; even then, He says, stop for a moment and just recollect and realize this, that your greatest desire of all should be that this wonderful God should be honored, should be worshiped, should be magnified among the people.

 ‘Hallowed be Thy Name’
May this be the goal of all of our prayers!

Pastor Dave 




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Upcoming Events

Home Bible Study Fellowship - Join us for this time of prayerful, interactive discussion centered in Scriptures that pertain to the daily lives of Dayspring and its people. Each Sunday Evening, 6:00 pm at the Strickland home, unless otherwise stated.     


March 25 - 26 - Dayspring Missions Conference. Speak with missionaries, hear updates from those on the field. Be a part of God's call to fulfill the Great Commission. Hear from our missionaries around the globe to add God’s spice in your life.

               Missions Moment
Pour on the Salt and Turn on the Light

Conference Schedule

Saturday, March 25
8-10am    Youth in Action

4:00pm    Session One
    Dr. Henry Krabbendam

6:00pm    Fellowship Dinner
    Bring 2-3 large dishes

7:30pm    Session Two
    John Browne
    Dr. Henry Krabbendam

8:30pm    Dessert Delights

Sunday, March 26
9:30am    Sunday School – All ages

10:45am    Worship Service

12:15pm    Lunch

6:00pm    Closing Session
    On the Field



More Info on Missions Conference

    As you can see by the schedule, we have Dr. Henry Krabbendam attending this year as our speaker.  Many of you are familiar with this former professor of Covenant College and his Dutch-tinted, informative, energetic, and funny delivery of great Biblical truths.
John and Betsy Browne will be with us as well as Janice, who is having her first year off the field in about eight years.  Plan to attend ALL of the sessions to enjoy a full, in-depth view of these wonderful people and their ministries.  We will also hear special messages from many of our missionaries on the field.
Our youth activity this year will be in the morning instead of at night.  Let’s make a difference in our community.  There may even be pizza or ice cream involved.
    Since the conference is shorter than usual this year, we will be having two meals together as a congregation.  Saturday night will be a fellowship meal with each family bringing 2-3 dishes.  Remember that dessert will be AFTER the sessions.  For Sunday lunch, we will have a group of ladies coordinating a meal for everyone.  If you want to be part of this coordination group, let Mary Ellen know.
    Be asking God how He would have you interact with missions this year.  We will need to get our Faith Promise Pledge cards back quickly this year so that we can turn our attention to the Easter Season.


WIC - will meet Monday, March 13 at the home of LouCindy Calhoun. Anita Dumas will provide refreshments. Join us for an uplifting fellowship. 


Congregational Meeting - There will be a  congregational meeting immediately following the morning worship service on Sunday, March 19. 















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